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Our Company

Founded in 1989, Chemical Additives has great experience which allows us to face technical problems that often appear with our customers and to ensure that they produce materials according to their needs. For this reason, our competitive advantage lies not only in the quality and performance of our products, but also in the face-to-face technical advice that we give to our clients.

Our infrastructure supports our professionalism and commitment to our clients about constantly updating and investing in resources that translate into a better service for you each day. We have well-equipped laboratories for quality control to ensure satisfactory delivery. In the same way, our own transport fleet allows us to better monitor and guarantee our materials delivery.

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We strive to keep up with the latest global trends in the PVC market and to fulfill our commitment to the environment and human health. For this reason, we believe that we are a solid option for your company that is based on providing specialized technical service with the main objective of forming long-term business relationships.

We carry out constant inspections and audits through our ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System that allows us to detect in advance the possible risks to our organization to be resilient and act in the face of market adversities.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to offer high quality products and specialized technical service to our clients in order to satisfy their specific needs, based on continuous improvement according to our Quality Management System.

Our Vision

To become a company that has presence locally and internationally while maintaining leadership throughout different commercial strategies, and to be recognized for its quality and for bringing satisfaction to its customers.


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Our first warehouse opens. We import raw material from renowned foreign companies

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Chemical Group is created and we opened our first laboratory

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Chemical Additives grows and new alliances are formed

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We inaugurated our new office located in Mexico City

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We opened our new PVC compound factory. We established our Quality Management System ISO 9001:2005

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We expanded our facilities and updated our Quality Management System

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Our new plant with new laboratory was ready 

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We expanded our facilities and a new location in Guadalajara

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We built a new warehouse destined for raw materials

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Introduction of Fischer-Tropsch wax

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New production lines, lab equipment. We developed new formulations for the food, electric and medical market.

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We have developed more than 50 formulations. New wire & cable developments.

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 Our lubricant waxes obtained NSF/PPI approval. We updated our Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 version.

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New laboratory equipment. New additives which comply with REACH and Prop 65 Listing

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We grasped an opportunity to enter the painting, ink and plastic industry.

Our LIGHT values

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Each of our team members knows that this trait makes the difference. Each one of us can be a leader to others. We always seek solutions to our problems and establish objectives that traduce into new challenges. We like to persevere until we reach our goals.


Each one of our members assumes this responsibility in order to make our processes flow correctly. This is what makes us better in our daily operations.


We arrived on this planet to learn, and we should never stop learning and teaching others so we ultimately become a better version of ourselves. This is why we consider us to be a continuous learning organization.


Transparency and reliability are two important aspects for us. To generate trust in our customers and to maintain it, is something we truly cherish.

Team Work

We join efforts to provide the best possible service and product. We are convinced that as a team, and only this way, can we achieve any challenge that might come in the future. Companies are composed of people and this is our most valuable resource.


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