General Description

Although PVC is a halogen compound that by itself tends to extinguish fire, the additives that are included usually have the opposite effect. An example of additives that affect us in this property are plasticizers because they are responsible for reducing the limiting oxygen index, or LOI. It is true that there are other additives designed to minimize this affectation and surely our technicians can advise you on this.

Flame retardants for PVC are used to counteract this effect and are usually used for flexible applications. These are used for the manufacture of electrical cable and/or electrical applications in order to improve escape time in the event of a fire.


These flame retardants for PVC help formulators to comply with the standards of the ANCE or UL standard in the type V or H flammability tests. Their dosage varies according to the required specifications.

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Antimony Trioxide

Among the flame retardants for PVC, it is the best known for its high cost/benefit ratio and its effectiveness in extinguishing fire without altering the dielectric properties of the finished product. It is a fine powder, very volatile, so it is recommended to use appropriate respiratory protection equipment. It is normally used by cable manufacturers or some other products in contact with electrical energy, such as EPDM or rubber, to gain escape time during a fire. Excellent product when used with our smoke suppressors, because together they have a synergistic effect. It is important to consider that this product has a certain power of white pigmentation.

Close and store this material in dry places once the package is opened. Excess dose can cause opposite effects than those desired. It is important to wear protective equipment to avoid inhaling fine particles.

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg Bag

During the mixing process this material can take time to integrate into the mix. Its addition must be before any additive that could prevent its correct absorption by PVC.

  • Liquid
  • 200 Kg Drum

Chlorinated Paraffin

A cost effective alternative to the PVC formulator even though halogens are somehow being banned. In some general purpose wiring can be used and can provide flexibility as its functions as secondary plasticizer. Easy to handle and has relatively but limited polarity to PVC.


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