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What 's PVC?

PVC is one of the most important plastics in the world due to its ability to be formulated and to acquire different physical and mechanical properties, which is why it has found application in several industries and is considered one of the most widely used plastics. It finds great application in the construction industry as it is a relatively inexpensive material against other plastics, as well as being an excellent flame retardant.

By nature, PVC resin is a fine, porous, colorless and odorless powder, which by itself is useless. It requires additives, that here at Chemical Additives we offer, to be transformed into a finished product. There are functional additives that help PVC processing and there are those that give properties to the finished product. These are integrated into the resin by a mixing process where high speeds and temperatures are involved.

Our experience has taught us that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a complex polymer to formulate, where a lot of technical knowledge is required to be able to understand the interaction between all the variables involved. Among its benefits is the power to change its physical properties to make it a very flexible or rigid plastic depending on the need of the product to be manufactured.

How it works?


Our salesmen will contact you to assess your specific needs.


If you already use PVC we can offer a countertype, otherwise we’ll give you our recommendation. We provide sample and technical assessment.


 We can offer you a sample and technical assistance.


If your company is just beginning producing PVC then we can help!


Our sample is approved, if not, we can do some adjustments. We send our quote.


PVC Characteristics

Choosing the correct additive that suits your needs is not an easy task, however here we list some PVC aspects that will help you make a decision.

Process type:

There are three different PVC process groups of which there are variants: extrusion, injection and calendering. Depending on the process and conditions established, the formulator must carefully choose the set of additives that will make it possible to obtain a correct finished product. We invite you to have one of our technicians advise you on this matter.


This information is fundamental to know the degree of flexibility your product needs to meet final specifications and to process it without any problem. By changing hardness one can produce a flexible hose, semi rigid injected automotive parts or rigid PVC. Even though we have some developed products, this trait can be adapted to your needs.

Weather & UV resistance:

It is important to recognize the time that you as a company are willing to offer to your client. This property is what makes PVC retain its mechanical and shelf life properties by refracting and dissipating sunlight. Our UV protectors are also compatible for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, among other plastics.


A product with a certain density has a direct impact on the appearance of the product, the cost and its processing. It also has a great effect on the physical-mechanical properties, which is why it is important to recognize the type of mineral load that is going to be added to the PVC.

Impact Resistance:

This property is linked to rigid PVC, they exist for opaque and transparent grades. Normally it deals with containers and rigid profiles. The most common grades are those based on acrylic and butadiene that allow the dissipation of energy throughout the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) matrix.

Flow Index:

An important property to take care of productivity in your process and avoid surface errors and/or thermal degradation. It is important to pay attention to the lubrication system to achieve a correct balance between those that are chosen to be used in your formula.


We are not covering every additional property you can add to PVC because there are so many, but we’d like to share some more. Some of these are: flame retardancy, chemical attack resistance, low smoke emission, craze whitening, mold release, anti-block, and stickiness, among others.


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