General Description

PVC Processing Aids are acrylic-based polymers that, as their name suggests, help make PVC processing easier and more consistent. It is a material that promotes fusion, or, in other words, improves the surface finish and gloss in finished products.

Process aids for PVC are used in rigid PVC, however, in general, they can be useful as they considerably reduce production stoppages and avoid excessive adherence with the metal of the production equipment.

Our high molecular weight grades raise in-process torque as well as dough temperature, which can benefit customers involving the manufacturing of foamed parts. 

Lower molecular weight grades help achieve melting without the need to use high temperatures in the process. Also, as part of this improved melting, lumps or surface defects in the PVC are clearly reduced. The process aid also helps us achieve greater transparency in PVC for transparent applications.

When using processing aids for PVC, it is recommended to have a well-balanced lubrication system because process aids, being acrylic based, tend to increase the viscosity a lot and can cause rapid thermal degradation if they do not have a good stabilizer.

Close and store this material in dry places once the package is opened. Excess dose can cause opposite effects than those desired.

⮚ AID-LP 551 – Low molecular weight

AID-LP 175 – Lubricated grade

AID-LS 530 – High molecular weight

⮚PA-912 – Low/Medium molecular weight

⮚PA-932 - High molecular weight 

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg or 20 Kg Bags

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