General Description

Impact modifiers for PVC are MBS (Methyl-Butadiene-Methacrylate), ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) type copolymers, among others, that help rigid PVC to dissipate the impact in order to avoid its fracture. PVC by itself is weak to impact and in applications such as jugs or rigid profiles, it can help us avoid rupture and thus guarantee quality to the customer. There are grades for opaque and transparent PVC, with or without weather properties.

Such as acrylic-based processing aids, these additives increase the viscosity of the melt during processing, so to avoid early thermal degradation, it is recommended to use one of our thermal stabilizers or lubricants.

To improve the performance of this material, reduce its dosage and save costs, it is recommended to carefully review the formulation used to promote polymer fusion. Certain adjustments in process conditions can also be used to achieve an improvement in this aspect.

When rigid PVC profiles are manufactured, this additive helps prevent breakage when the cut is made during the process, although care must be taken with the whitening that forms when bending.

Close and store this material in dry places once the package is opened. Excess dose can cause opposite effects than those desired

IM-812 – Opaque and Weathering Properties (ABS)

⮚ MB-839 – Opaque and Weathering Properties (MBS)

MB-885 – Transparent Applications (MBS)

⮚ MB-875 – Transparent Applications (MBS)

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg or 20 Kg Bags

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