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Antioxidants and UV's for plastics are adapted to various applications from vinyl paints, polyolefins, PU, textiles. Antioxidants, as their name suggests, prevent oxidation and subsequent yellowing of products; its use is normally recommended in finished products that are constantly exposed to the elements. On the other hand, UV light protectors act differently since they are responsible for protecting your product against UV rays from the sun and other sources of light. Oxidation and light degradation are two different concepts so both products can be used together to extend the life of your product.

There are many products that we can think of that would require antioxidants and UV's for plastics: road signs, window profiles, garden fences, exterior decorations, chairs, etc. In addition, it is important to highlight that antioxidants and UV's for plastics help us preserve the physical properties of the material, not just the appearance.

Antioxidantes y UV's para plásticos uv


It is a common grade found in general type formulations with acceptable UV protection. It is a neon powder that, when added to plastic parts or paints, helps to delay its yellowing due to exposure to UV rays. There are various grades depending on the application.

Its use with antioxidants is recommended as this type of product is subject to oxidation. Similarly, the use of pigments that act as UV's can improve the performance of your products and reduce the cost.

UV protectors must be stored in dry places to avoid the formation of crystalline structures. This can cause problems mainly in plastisol.

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg Boxes

UV protectors must be stored in dry places to avoid the formation of crystalline structures. This can cause problems mainly in plastisol.

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg Boxes


Generally shows better UV protection against Benzophenone. It is used in conjunction with phenolic antioxidants when requiring maximum results. Its several grades available allow its application in many of the polymers used today.

Its use is recommended together with additives that are sensitive to light and that can generate chromophores, which results in the yellowing of its pieces.


It delays the oxidation of finished outdoor products. We have medical grades and general use grades. They provide good initial color, transparency and gloss in plastics. 

Although thermal stabilizers are responsible for preventing the yellowing of products, these antioxidants serve to give better performance in initial color during processing as well as under outdoor conditions.

Phenolic and propionate grades are available for different plastics.

The use of additives that protect products against weather conditions usually prolong their useful life and preserve their physical-mechanical properties. It is recommended that you review your mixing procedure to maximize the performance of this product.

  • Liquid
  • 200 Kg Drum
  • 1,100 Kg IBC

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