General Description

Optical brightener for plastics is a type of powder-based additive used to enhance colors and give a better visual appearance to your finished products. The organic molecules in this product absorb UV radiation and re-emit it within the range of light visible to humans.

This material is compatible with various plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, EVA, acrylic, etc. It also finds use in some inks, detergents, paper, and textile application.

Its use is recommended in finished products where it is required to give an appearance of something new or clean, making it more attractive to your client. Its duration is limited by its tendency to oxidize, which is why it is best used in parts where outdoor properties are not required and it should not be used together with organic UV protectors.

Store in a place free from light exposure and moisture

  • Powder
  • 25 Kg Box
  • 20 Kg Bag

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